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The Change Your Life Series

Break out of old patterns and get the amazing life God has planned just for you!


CHANGE YOUR LIFE is a series of teachings that will help you uproot the negative life script you are walking in and lay hold of your scroll, your God given destiny. We will do this through the following strategies.


  • Understanding you, your early life decisions, and how your personality developed.
  • Uprooting those things that do not belong in your life. You choose what you need to uproot and want to uproot.
  • Litigating in the Heavenly Courtroom for real and lasting change.
  • Landing the verdicts you receive from the Heavenly Judge, the one who sent his only begotten Son to be a sacrifice for your sin and to give you an abundant life. Bringing Heaven to Earth and closing the gap between what God has told you he wants for your life and what you are actually experiencing.
  • Proclaiming the Word of the Lord over your life. Becoming a governor over your life rather than just letting life happen to you. Submitting to the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords.
  • Realizing we change our lives for the Kingdom of God, to bring heaven to earth and prepare for the return of the Messiah.

Are you asking yourself these questions?

How do I bring about the changes I want in my life?

How do I get unstuck and move forward with what I believe God is showing me to do?

How do I stop repeating cycles, break out, and move forward in my life?

The Transformation Plan

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Change Your Life: From Script to Scroll


Your Scroll - God's plan

July 8th, 2019 

Check- In is at 6:30 PM Eastern and Barbara will begin teaching at 7 PM Eastern.

Perhaps you have heard God has a plan for your life, but no matter how hard you try, you have had difficulty stepping into the things God has for you. Or perhaps you have no idea what God wants to do with your life. We will explore how to discover what God has written in his book for you. Let me assure you God has a well thought out plan with a variety of executions. He cannot be outdone in his creativity! How do you identify and lay hold of what God has for you. That is precisely what we will be learning.

Your script - the devil's plan

July 15th, 2019 

Check- In is at 6:30 PM Eastern and Barbara will begin teaching at 7 PM Eastern.

Unfortunately, the devil has a plan for your life and because many of us tend to gravitate to the negative, we are much more aware of this plan. We are born into a fallen world and few children in our culture are trained from an early age to step into their God-given destiny. Hence, the enemy has a well thought out plan with a well thought out execution. He is no match for God; he is just a fallen angel. However, we give him power by what we believe about ourselves.

Your understanding of your life and personality development

July 22nd, 2019 

Check- In is at 6:30 PM Eastern and Barbara will begin teaching at 7 PM Eastern.

The more you understand your personality, and personality development as a whole, the more supernatural experiences you have the potential of having in the Courts. We will look at personality development, ego states, energy, hearing from God, and how to hit the mark (our goal). We will also look at how we often miss it and how to correct common errors in understanding and hearing from God.

    Your Preparation - preparing your court case

    July 29th, 2019 

    Check- In is at 6:30 PM Eastern and Barbara will begin teaching at 7 PM Eastern.

    Going to Court is a serious matter. God gave what was dear to him (his only begotten Son, Jesus) for our sin. We will look at our attitude in the court, identifying and uprooting bitter roots, and how a good preparation will accelerate our understanding, our verdicts, and the manifestation of our verdicts in the Courts. Our Merciful Judge has already ruled in our favor.We will address the injunctions against our receiving our inheritance. 

    Your presentation - presenting your case in the courts of heaven

    August 5th, 2019

    Check- In is at 6:30 PM Eastern and Barbara will begin teaching at 7 PM Eastern.

    The Judge (Yahweh) has already ruled in your favor if you are washed in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. We will look at why and how we can present our case, how to avoid pitfalls, how to work through thresholds, and how to receive a verdict in your favor. We will land those verdicts on the earth. We will also discuss how to continually litigate to see our verdicts manifested in our lives on the earth.

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    Barbara J. Kohler


    Barbara Kohler is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Ordained Christian Minister with over 20 years of professional counseling experience. God led Barbara to begin teaching the restoration principles she has used successfully in her private practice. She has worked with adults, teens, and adolescents who have suffered abuse, PTSD, depression, grief/loss, and many other issues.