Crossing Thresholds Into Destiny – January 2019

The new year has arrived. If you feel as though you have “been through the ringer”, you may be crossing a threshold into another level of your market place ministry. Thresholds are places of testing and places of triumph. I can tell when I am going through a...

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Juris Prudence – November 2018

In my last blog post, I mentioned God’s sense of “Juris Prudence”. This term actually means “a philosophy of law” or “a science of law”. As a therapist, I am required to take a “Juris Prudence” exam when I renew my licenses. The test is one of ethics and tests the...

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Beginnings – September 2018

With every new beginning, there is hope and freshness for the thing God wants to do next. God is always moving. He is always growing us into deeper revelations of His foundational truths. And in the deeper places, His desire is to bring us more deeply into His love...

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