Level 2 E-Course:
Crossing Thresholds into Destiny

Use the Courts of Heaven Protocols to Successfully Cross Over Thresholds into Success

If you have ever sought hard after God and his direction for your life, only to be rubber banded back to the beginning, this class is designed to help you cross over and cross through the obstacles that have previously held you back. It will be helpful to have a basic working knowledge of the Courtrooms of Heaven, however is not required for entrance to the class. For more teaching on the Courtrooms of Heaven, sign up for our signature class Change Your Life: From Script to Scroll

Lesson #1: Thresholds Defined

This lesson will help you understand why you have hit a brick wall in many of your pursuits of God’s purpose for your life. You will learn new ways to use the Courts of Heaven protocols to address threshold issues. You will learn what a threshold is and how to successfully navigate through the process to successfully cross your thresholds to lay hold of the destiny God has for you.

Lesson #2: Threshold Guardians

Learn about the common threshold guardians that hold up your destiny by blocking you. Learn how they get permission and what you need to do to be rid of them. You will learn how your life script contributes to threshold issues and how to untangle the multidimensional process.

Lesson #3: Thresholds in Scripture

Learn from the patterns in Scripture how God helped his leaders successfully navigate thresholds. As you learn the patterns, you will learn what you need to change, what you have been missing, and forge a new path for you as you move closer to Kingdom Assignment.

Lesson #4: Practical Application

We begin to study Josiah and use his life as a pattern for crossing thresholds. We use teaching, worksheets, and group interaction to help you get through your obstacles. We grow together and the students give input into one another’s Court cases if you invite them to do so. No one is obligated to share; however, many have made friends through the group interaction with people.

Lesson #5: Lessons from A King

We study King Josiah, his successes, his strategies, and his death. Again, we use cognitive and spiritual activations to help you strategize and work through your thresholds to lay hold of your destiny.

We are currently working on filming our Level 2 E-Course at our new offices at Huntersville, NC! We have a target date of June 1, 2024 for release! If you or your church is interested in a live class please call Barbara Kohler Seminars, PLLC at 252-214-5107 to arrange a live class.

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    Terms of Training: The content in this training is designed for those 1) with a Biblical world view; 2) believe no one comes to God (Yahweh) the Father except through Jesus Christ (Yeshua Hamashiach) the Son of God; 3) have sufficient clinical or ministerial support to benefit from the class; 4) agree you are responsible for your own mental health; 5) agree to allow Barbara Kohler to litigate on your behalf in the Courtroom of Heaven for the purposes of this class; and 6) release Barbara Kohler and Barbara Kohler Seminars, PLLC from all liability related to the information you receive through the class and how you decide to use it in your own life.
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Crossing Thresholds Into Destiny

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Barbara J.


Barbara Kohler is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Ordained Christian Minister with over 25 years of professional counseling experience. God led Barbara to begin teaching the restoration principles she has used successfully in her private practice. She has worked with adults, teens, and adolescents who have suffered abuse, PTSD, depression, grief/loss, and many other issues.
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